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The 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in India is a comprehensive teaching program. The program aims to create all rounded and highly qualified yoga teachers. The course is intense and requires lots of physical and mental training and discipline. People from all around the world come to this holy Indian city to learn to be good yoga teachers.

The daily schedule of the training programme is tight as each of 6 to 7 training hours of a day are assigned to some aspects of yoga. The training is intensive but enlightening. While learning to be yoga teachers, the students themselves embark on a journey of spiritual and physical cleansing and become empowered individuals.

The mornings start as early as 05:30 am followed by some yoga postures or some classes on philosophy or anatomy. Pranayama and chanting are parts of the daily schedule. The students are provided with two to three yoga meals, fruit refreshment and green tea. Daily written home work is part of the schedule as it strengthens the in-depth knowledge of the subject. The students must not miss out on any part of their education for each training material has been chosen with care and is very important for the overall development of the aspiring yogic teacher.

Syllabus for the course consists of yoga therapy. Yoga asana are known to help and manage various common diseases and disorders. Hence, the yoga therapy class provides the students with the knowledge of anatomy and pathology of common health issues which can be resolved with diet, asana and pranayama practices. Asana with yogic postures is included in three hours of daily schedule. The morning asana classes focus on asana related to yoga therapy, while the evening session provides students a class model they will later teach to 200 hours yoga training students. Third week onwards the aspiring teachers begin to practice modified Ashtanga Yoga sequence.

The students have to learn physiology and anatomy to strengthen their class room explanations. Extra time slots are allotted for the correction of different asana. Students are also made adapt in Pranayama, Yogic Breathing, Yoga Nidra and chanting. The aspiring teachers get education on these techniques to open vital energy centres in their bodies. The main aim to learn these techniques is to turn into proficient educator who could teach other people their acquired skills. Second week onwards the trainees are provided practical teaching experiences so that they are able to teach their students with ease.