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100 hours Yoga teaching in Rishikesh is a fast track short term yoga teacher training programme in India. The different aspects of yoga are taught here. Yoga is taught in an easy and systematic manner and strategically tailor made programme is used to suit yoga for beginners. The aim is to prepare successful and certified yoga instructors in a short duration of time. The trainers are highly talented and know well how to build quality teachers.

The 100 Hours Yoga training course is conducted every month between 16th and 30th (both days inclusive) except for the month of February where the course is conducted from 16th February to 2nd March.

The aims and objective of this course are:
  • To enable the students to attain good physical and mental health;
  • Integration of moral values in students;
  • To help the students achieve higher level of consciousness;
  • To help the students in understanding the philosophy of yoga and its use in personal life;
  • To develop emotional stability;
  • Use of tools which support the classroom education;
  • Share the knowledge of yoga.

The teacher training course covers the teaching technique of training and practice in asana, mudra, bandhas, kriyas together with chanting, meditation and more. The lectures are given on the philosophies of Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga (Bhagavada Geeta), Kundalini and Chakras, Nadis and more. The trainers provide guidance to students on healthy yoga life style to avoid the risk of various health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, digestive, pre-natal yoga and heart problems.

The course structure is broken up into different hour segments of 50 hours, 20 hours, 10 hours and so on. The first 50 hours is dedicated to Yoga Training and Practice. Under this session, asana, kriya, pranayama, chanting of mantra, meditation and all other traditional yoga technics are taught.

The next 20 hours is dedicated to Yoga Methodology. Here, all the major principles of concerned yogic asanas are taught and discussed. The instructors use demonstration, assistance and correction, observation and instruction to impart the knowledge of yoga. The instructors also provide an overview of various teaching styles. The essential qualities of a yoga teacher are discussed. Lastly, the important business aspects of teaching yoga are taught to the students.

The consequent 10 hours of the teaching is dedicated to Yoga Anatomy and Physiology - Human physical anatomy and physiology includes bodily systems, organs, etc. and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.). This further involves both the theoretical knowledge of both systems and their important practical application within yoga practices. It also includes benefits, contraindications, healthy movement patterns, etc.