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The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yug which literally means conscience. Yoga is a process to discipline the body and mind of human being for a healthy and peaceful life. The practice of yoga helps in establishing the mental stability, meditation, concentration, equanimity, good health, supernatural power, self-transformation, devotion and liberation. It is an ancient art which teaches us how to harmonise a system of development of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga makes the body flexible and strong. It improves the functions of the body for respiration, circulation, digestion and hormone. It improves the emotional stability and clarity of mind. The main aim of practicing yoga is self-development and self-realisation. Practicing yoga on regular basis realigns and rebalances the human body.


Yoga is believed to be in existence for more than 5000 years. Yoga is a Sanskrit word, which is the language of Vedas. It is the general belief that yoga has been described in the ancient texts. BhagavadaGeeta (a unique epic poem, a part of epic Mahabharata) is considered to be the first book on yoga. This holy book of Hindus is estimated to be roughly round 200 CE. Yoga Sutra is another classical work on yoga, which is about 2000 years old treatise. Nobody knows exactly when the Indian sage Patanjali was born and when the work Yoga Sutra was composed, but this book is believed to have been composed around 200 BCE.


When you are yearning for natural way to get glowing skin, flexible body, peace in mind, best health then choose Yoga. Generally ignorant people associate Yoga with asana but Yoga is a compilation of benefits unite together to bring mind, body, and breath in proper co-ordination. Some of the benefits of Yoga are as follows:

Enhances Physical Flexibility:

Yoga practices make the body supple and flexible. People are able to bend and use their body parts in any ways they like and this thereby makes the body open and free of any muscular diseases.

In Other Words: Regular yoga practice bring flexibility to body. As soon as the body attains flexibility, it is easy to bend and use body in the way one wants. Besides this, a flexible body becomes free from muscular diseases. Yoga consisted of some pivotal positions that make joints smooth and develop the whole body aptly.

Builds Muscle Strength:

Besides good look, strong muscles protect our body from physical problems like back pain and arthritis. Yoga builds muscles and at the same time gives our body flexibility and hence, is superior to the regular gym which just provides great muscles minus the flexibility. Spinal disc become supple by sufficiently practice of back bends, forward bends, and twists.

Enhances Human Bone Health:

Yoga practices increases bone density in vertebrae. However, yoga can do more than just this. Yoga is a powerful means to stimulate bones and help in retaining calcium in them via weight bearing postures. Such postures affect arms, shoulders, ankles, feet, knees, legs etc and increase range of motion of blood.

Increases Blood Flow.

The relaxation exercises help blood circulation, especially in hands and feet. It gets more oxygen to the body cells for better function. Inverted postures like head stand, shoulder stand and hand stand helps in the flow of venous blood from pelvis and legs back to the heart to be freshly oxygenated.

The other various benefits are, it drops blood pressure, regulates your adrenal glands, makes you happier, finds a happy life style, lowers blood sugar, improves concentration, relaxes the body systems, improves balance, maintain the nervous system, releases tensions in the limbs, Gives peace of mind, eases pain from arthritis, back pain, etc.,


Rishikesh is one of the most sought after yoga centres in India. Yoga is practiced from ancient times for rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is best suited for places where the atmosphere is peaceful and hence, Rishikesh acts as the perfect place to learn and practice yoga. There are several yoga training centres in INDIA (Rishikesh) that provide basically 4 types of yoga, namely Karm Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raj Yoga and Jnan Yoga. The best part of yoga training centres is that they are taught in ashrams which are places of spiritual hermitage in Indian religions.

Yoga ashrams provide an innovative way of living where spirituality is combined with the physical world.The various yoga ashrams organise extensive programmes for beginner, middle and advanced level yoga, spirituality and Vedic heritage and teacher training courses. These ashrams are ideal locations for those seeking refinement of soul and body. They are surrounded by nature and hence become the favourite places for people interested in yoga from around the world.

The basics of the training revolve around the main five points of yoga such as meditation, relaxation, breathing, posture and diet. There are few old ashrams including Sadhana Ashram which are famous in Rishikesh. They are set amidst serene gardens and overlook the majestic Himalaya Mountains in affordable yoga session. They offer value for money and opportunity to learn yogic meditation.The students learn about Ayurveda, life healing, yoga and spiritual development.The programme includes, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga postures and spiritual teaching.


Rishikesh is an ideal place to undergo yoga teacher training. The scenic background and the peaceful environment make yoga teacher training in India a memorable experience that not only provides high quality teacher training to students but, also cleanses mind, body and spirits of the aspiring teachers.

The students of all level are taught here by some of the most knowledgeable yoga masters in India. The courses here include Asana Alignment, Meditation, Pranayama, physiology, Human Anatomy Physiology and teaching practice. The intensive yoga teacher training courses are of 100 hours, 200 hours, 300hours and 500 hours duration. All the courses are internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance USA. The yoga certification courses are also registered with most of the yoga organisation in world. The main aim of yoga teacher training in India is to help the students develop and deepen their practice as well as prepare them to become successful yoga teachers. All the teacher training courses are suitable for everybody depending on their level of yogic competence and knowledge.